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It’s a whole new year, and that means 12 more months of your favorite event: Nerd Nite. Right? Right. We’ve got a great line-up of speakers talking about Lemurs, Lamborghinis, and the little things that live inside you (gross!), and a dope local musician, so buckle up and read on. Also, a local news outlet will be doing a story on this month’s event, so be sure to come out and make a good impression. Remember that doors are at 7:30, but we encourage you to show up early to get a seat and order food/drink. Cover = $5. Here’s what you’ll see and hear:

When: TUESDAY, January 21st. Doors @ 7:30pm, Show @ 8:00pm sharp (arrive early!)

Where: Manuel’s Tavern, Poncey-Highlands, 602 N Highland Ave NE.

Cost: $5 cover.


“First-Person Plural: 100 Trillion Reasons to Care About Your Microbiome” by Keren Landman.

Maybe you’ve already heard that the bacteria in your gut may determine whether you’re fat, allergic, cancerous, or just generally f*cked. Before you pre-register for that fecal transplant, learn what your microbiome is (spoiler alert: more than just poop), why it matters, and how much we really know about its role in human wellness and disease.

Bio: Keren Landman is a physician trained in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. She currently works as a public health epidemiologist and researcher.

“Cannonballing” by Ed Bolian.

Ed Bolian discusses student entreprenuerism, the intricacies of the exotic car industry and his recent feat of breaking the Cannonball record – driving from New York to Los Angeles in 28 hours and 50 minutes.

Bio: Ed is an Atlanta native and both a serial entrepreneur and car enthusiast. He has owned many interesting cars and started an Exotic Car Rental company while a student at Georgia Tech. He is not the Sales Director at Lamborghini Atlanta/Motorcars of Georgia.

“Aye-Aye Captain: A Primatologist’s Tales of Lemurs in Madagascar” by Sarah Zohdy, Ph.D.

The island of Madagascar is home to some of the strangest animals on the planet, including the lemurs, small primates that live there and nowhere else in the world. In this talk we will venture to this magical land and hear stories about these scientifically fascinating, and painfully adorable primates. You will hear tales about the smallest primate in the world (the mouse lemur), the most endangered primate in the world (the greater bamboo lemur), and what is possibly the oddest looking creature on the planet (the aye-aye).

Bio: Dr. Sarah Zohdy has spent nearly a decade working in the jungles of Madagascar to try and understand its most popular residents, the lemurs. She is currently working at Emory University to examine diseases in lemurs and humans in Madagascar in the hopes of using this information to improve conservation and human health initiatives.

Music by Atlanta’s own guitalele pro, Jed Drummond.

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