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Here is where you’ll find all the info on Atlanta’s premium info-tainment event. Click on the UPDATES tab to get the most recent details for upcoming Nerd Nite ATL events. Also follow us on Twitter (@NerdNiteATL) and like us on Facebook (/NerdNiteATL) for up to the minute info.

What the hell is Nerd Night? Nerd Nite?

Nerd Nite is a monthly global speaker and entertainment series held at pubs/bars/restaurants around the WORLD. In fact, Atlanta is the 53rd chapter of Nerd Nite, and one of the newest (sure to be best) chapters. Every month each chapter hosts an event in their city that generally follows the following format: three 20 minute talks, and two sets of entertainment in between. Talks can be about anything and everything nerdy as long as it’s something the speaker loves: cheese, Mr. T collectibles, academic research, sharks, skydiving, whatever! It’s like the Discovery Channel…with beer! That’s right beer! Nerd Nite is as much about mirth as it is about learning, so we encourage everyone to imbibe, eat, laugh, and ask questions.

When and Where does one go to see a Nerd Nite in Atlanta?

Nerd Nite ATL can be found at Manuel’s Tavern in Poncey-Highlands. Events are usually held on the Third Wednesday of Each Month (unless otherwise noted in the event posting).

Who should go to Nerd Nite?

Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds…who are 21 and over. Sorry kiddos, this is a pub event. But, if you’re a grown-up who’s into dragons, sci-fi, History/Discovery/NatGeo/SyFy channel, Firefly, scientific/academic research, higher education, or the greater Atlanta community, come on down!

How do you find speakers and how do I get updates on future events?

You are our speakers! Almost all of our speakers are ordinary folks who have a passion for something interesting. We often have local researchers from universities and folks who work with local initiatives or creative groups, but mostly it’s just your everyday run-of-the-mill nerd. And those folks are really interesting! Sooooooo, if you want to give a talk, we’d love to have you. Just send us an email at .

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