It’s that time again. Time for family and friends to come together, to give thanks for all the wonderful blessings in our lives, to gather ’round a fire, and cook a big meal, to reach out and give back to the community…and time for Nerd Nite! We’re squeezing in a special pre-Thanksgiving event to give you a little bit of knowledge to kick around the dinner table on one of our favorite topics: booze. We figured that you’re probably starting to get pretty stressed out. Maybe some of you are traveling. Other perhaps hosting a bunch of people. So, we’ve brought in a few local heavy hitters! Come out tilt few, and learn a little bit about what you’re tilting. Knowledge is power! RSVP HERE:

What: Nerd Nite ATL, No. 14
When: MONDAY 11/24. Show at 8:00pm, but get there EARLY if you want to get a good seat and get a jump on ordering food/drink.
Where: Manuel’s Tavern, 602 North Highland Ave NE
Cost: $5 Cover

“Homebrewing: How to Become an Alcoholic by Your Bootstraps,” by Shawn Bainbridge,

What is beer? How can I make it? How much of it should I drink? A local Home Brewer answers these questions and discusses how to break into the hobby, advance your newly found craft, and make frands in the process.

Bio: Shawn Bainbridge made his first awkward homebrewing attempts as a Georgia Tech student in 2009. Now, the 28-year-old Inman Park resident and electrical engineer makes beer on the regular with Final Gravity Craftbrewers.

“Barrels and Ales: Crafting a story using mixed fermentation and barrel aging,” by Blake Tyers.

From mixed fermentation to barrel maturation; as brewers, we look to craft stories in your glass. The story of that beer’s life before you. I’ll be discussing how and why beers are aged in barrels and the various results that can be achieved using timeless, old world techniques and our favorite microorganisms.

Bio: Currently a brewer at Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, Georgia; Blake Tyers specializes in recipe development and wood cellaring. Additionally, this summer he was elected to the board of the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild by his colleagues to help promote Georgia beer and change antiquated beer laws. Previous to working for Creature Comforts, Blake was a photographer in the entertainment industry shooting publicity photos for film and television. After a few years of passionate interest in homebrewing during his photography career, he knew he had to work as a brewer in the professional arena. He was brought onto the team at Creature Comforts after mutual friends introduced him to the brewmasters during early planning stages of the brewery. Since opening their doors six months ago, Creature Comforts has experienced great growth and won a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the American Brett Beer category.

“WHISK(E)Y: It’s not just for hunks & floozies”, by Julian Goglia

I’ll be talking through the various styles of whisk(e)y from several parts of the world. We’ll touch on history, distillation, aging, grains used, etc. Most importantly, I’ll talk about knowing what’s actually inside your beloved bottle and what to seek out at your local store/bar.

Bio: Julian Goglia is partner / beverage director at The Pinewood in Decatur, Georgia. He was recently named one of the Top 25 Bartenders in the US by The Daily Meal, one of Zagat’s 30 Under 30, and Atlanta’s 2013 Bartender of the Year. He is an avid collector of dogs, motorcycles and all things whiskey.