We’ve got cold sweats and the shakes over here. Has it really only been 6 weeks since the last Nerd Nite? It feels like an eternity. Well, get fired up, ’cause we’ve got an extra special Nerd Nite coming your way. We’re featuring two great talks — one about online dating in China, and another about harnessing the power of the sun. And on top of all of that, we’ll have two bona fide sex therapists take your anonymous questions in a no-holds barred (hear that BDSM-ers?) Q&A session about love, sex and everything in between. Seriously, these two therapists are the real deal. Go ahead — Google ’em. Come on down, have a drink, and remember, NERD is the (safe) word.

What: Nerd Nite ATL, No. 17
When: Thursday 2/26 Show at 8:00pm, but get there EARLY if you want to get a good seat and get a jump on ordering food/drink.
Where: Manuel’s Tavern, 602 North Highland Ave NE
Cost: $5 Cover

Is it hot in here or is it just my plasma physics?” by Theresa Wilks.

Have you ever looked up in wonder at the auroras or the sun? Plasma physics is often seen as an abstract science that is the subject of very few dinner conversations. Yet it is present in your daily life, and one of the most beautiful, powerful, and useful gifts the cosmos has given us. We’ll lift the veil on plasma physics and talk about the role it plays for the future of fusion technology and clean world power.

Bio: Theresa Wilks is a PhD student at Georgia Tech in the Nuclear Engineering department, studying – you guessed it – plasma physics and fusion technology.She is part of the Young American Physical Society hosting a “Global Plasma Month” where doctoral students are turning the spotlight to plasmas for the month of February all around the world. When not in the lab, Theresa loves to soak up the sun playing beach volleyball and brewing beer.

Courting China: Love, Sex, & Marriage Behind the Great Firewall” by Maggie Blaha.

When it comes to online dating in China, users aren’t exactly looking for mates who like Pina Coladas and getting lost in the rain. The goal of online dating is marriage. Being single becomes unacceptable when men and women reach their mid-twenties, and the fear of being “Leftover” becomes incentive for marriage. This pressure is enough to drive anyone to the virtual ocean where there are plenty of fish to catch.

Bio: Maggie Blaha has no idea what she’s doing with her life. She also never knows what to write for these things. Her favorite color’s orange, she enjoys a good Helen Keller joke, she wrote a children’s book, and she’s always had some aspiration to become a writer of some renown. If that doesn’t pan out, she hopes to marry well and host fancy dinner parties.

Everything you always wanted to know about SEX and were NOT afraid to ask at Manuel’s Tavern!” by Drs. Erika Pluhar and Tiffanie Davis Henry.

Drs. Erika Pluhar and Tiffanie Davis Henry are thrilled to have the opportunity to answer all of your juicy sex questions – everything from safer sex, the science of orgasm, sustainable sex products, what is the 51st shade of grey?, how the heck do threesomes actually work, and more! During this fun and lively audience-driven discussion, Drs. Erika and Tiffanie will share their expertise about their favorite topic in hopes that participants leave all the more ready to take on the world of sex in 2015!

Bio: Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry is the host of All About Sex on TLC and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. While based in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Tiff has over 15 years of experience working with individuals and couples as a treatment provider and educator and her objective is to guide people to the love and intimacy they desire. Dr. Tiff is your erotic tour guide “to a happy, healthy and horny sex life.” Dr. Erika Pluhar, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Sexuality Educator, is an author and speaker and provides relationship and sex therapy through her private practice in Atlanta, GA. For over 15 years, Dr. Erika has enjoyed helping individuals, couples, and families find their way to healthy sexual expression, deeper intimacy, and more loving relationships.