No foolin’, we’re serving up a dope dish of Nerd Nite this month, with all sorts of yummy sides. Umm…guess we’re a little hungry over here — hungry for fun, facts, and fermented beverages! Ok, enough of that. This month we’ve got three great talks, one being given by our own Nerd Nite co-host Tracy Galasso, what figures to be a truly fascinating talk on the logistics of how stuff gets from all over the world to your world, and a talk about what makes a good horror flick. Not only that, but we’re going to have our third edition of Nerd Nite quizzo, where you and your friends have the chance to put your nerdy knowledge and know-how to the test, and win fabulous prizes! So, get hungry. And thirsty. See you soon! RSVP @

What: Nerd Nite ATL, No. 19
Where: Manuel’s Tavern, 602 N. Highland
When: Thurs, 4/23, 8pm
Cost: $5

“What Makes For a Great Horror Movie?” by Evan Valentine

The Exorcist. The Thing. Rosemary’s Baby. Halloween. What is it about these movies, and others specifically, that makes them so classic? What is it about these movies that makes them so terrifying, even to this day, and why does it seem so difficult to replicate the process? Evan Valentine, Atlanta Standup Comedian and Staff Writer for, hopes to delve into these answers by walking you through what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to creating some of the spookiest moments in cinematic history.

Bio: Evan Valentine is a Standup Comedian in the Atlanta area who has performed at the Laughing Skull Lounge, Atlanta Improv, and many other venues around town. He has an album currently available on iTunes (Evan Valentine: That’s What You Get For Being Different) and is a Staff Writer for the entertainment website,

“A Few Noteworthy Game-Changers in Ground Freight Logistics” by Ian Edelson

Take a 5 minute drive and you’ll probably see a tractor trailer. Close your eyes for 5 minutes and you’ll probably hear a train whistle. Glance around your space right now: you’re probably looking at objects from several countries and a dozen US states. How did they get here? This moving talk will explore the incredible scale of America’s supply chain by focusing on a few key logistics game-changers.

Bio: Ian Edelson is the director of strategy at a ground freight logistics company in Atlanta. He enjoys fixing vintage motorbikes, the Oxford comma, and spending time with his 0 cats.

“You’re mother is a liar…Kind of.” by Tracy Galasso

“No more candy, or you’ll get diabetes” is a lie your mother may have told you as a child. Thirty-million people in America are diagnosed with diabetes. None of them got it because they had one more mini-snickers on Halloween night when they were eight. Well, maybe. It’s complicated. Statistically, it is likely you know a person or persons who have diabetes. But the diabetes your aunt Mildred has and the diabetes the neighbor kid has can be really really different. So, I’m gonna tell you all about those differences and how to speak intelligently to people who have a bum pancreas.

Bio: Tracy Galasso lives in Atlanta with her dog, Egon. She loves BBQ more than you do and is probably wearing something ridiculous right now. She is not a diabetes educator, but she has lived with Diabetes Mellitus for longer than some of you have been alive and would love it if more people understood how serious the disease can be. She has no affiliation with Willford Brimley.