We are so excited for this month’s nerd nite. One of our last events at Manuel’s. This month, we’ve got three great talks sure to fill you with joy, wisdom and a belly full of laughter. Plus, there’s plenty of great Autumn brews on tap! Check out the details below and we’ll see you soon!

What: Nerd Nite ATL, No. 24
Where: Manuel’s Tavern, 602 N. Highland
When: Thurs, 11/19, 8pm
Cost: $5

“Sneaking out with strange men at night: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Being Gay” by Julian Modungo

Since going on the air in the mid 90s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been a cult hit with a number of groups. These days, its appeal is more widespread, but during its initial run, it struck a particular resonance with its gay audience. Local homosexual Julian Modugno will explore the ways in which Buffy tackles themes of queerness and otherness and share personal anecdotes about how this show about being a strange girl in California helped him to be a queer boy in Georgia.

Bio: Julian Modugno is a gay icon in his own mind and a writer, humorist, and filmmaker from Atlanta, GA. One of his proudest moments was having a sketch featured and torn apart on the O’Reilly Factor. He considers himself a Buffy on the streets and a Faith in the sheets.

“Good Hair” by Kalisha Lazare

The natural hair movement has arrived and it’s here to stay! What started out as the blacks woman’s frustration with hair salons and their lack of knowledge on our hair, has turned into an empowerment movement that continues to encourage black woman everywhere to love their curls. I’ve been transitioning back to my natural hair texture for 15 months, and everyday I find myself wondering, “What is good hair?” I plan to gain insight on the audience’s definition of “good hair”, and to inform them on what my definition of “good hair” is.

Bio: My name is Kalisha Lazare, and I am currently studying marketing at Georgia State University. I have an obsession with healthy hair, Pinterest, and Beyonce’.

“Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern” by Sarah Melton and Karen McCarthy

Our beloved Manuel’s will be closing for renovations soon—so what’s going to happen to all of the stuff? Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern is a digital project that connects the objects on Manny’s walls with the stories behind them. In our presentation we will explain some of the backstory about delving into this backstory. And we’ll be on hand to talk about the project and hear your stories about our favorite bar. You can find out more by following @UnpackingManuel on Twitter!

Bios: Sarah Melton is a PhD candidate, digital projects coordinator, and fuzzy animal enthusiast. An (almost) Atlanta native, she likes to study history and make pretty digital things. Her current favorite beer is New Belgium’s cocoa molé porter. You can find her tweeting about her research, Ruby, her kittens, and wrestling at @svmelton.

Karen McCarthy got into philosophy for the women and the money, and the digital humanities because all the cool kids were doing it. She was correct about one of those things. She lives OTP with a wife and 12 cats, but does not own a Subaru. You can find her being An Adult on the internet tweeting at @FakeKLMcCarthy. She offers no comment on any relationship with @HypatiasGirl