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Weeeeee’re back, with the second installment of Nerd Nite ATL! For October, we’re bringing you a frightful evening of nerdy talks on the bizarre and beautiful, the intriguing and inexplicable, and a little bit of biochemistry that may change the way you look at the troops of trick-or-treaters who come to your door! Plus, live tunes from Atlanta’s own singer/songwriter Billy Gewin! Peep the details below and be there, and be square.

When: Wednesday, October 16th. Doors @ 7:30pm, Show @ 8:00pm sharp (arrive early!)

WhereManuel’s Tavern, Poncey-Highlands, 602 N Highland Ave NE.

Cost: $5 cover.


“Title TBA” by Michael Mooney, MASS Collective.

It is often the case that a group of something simple and rather boring will congregate and produce behavior that is unexpectedly different than its individual parts. This emergent behavior occurs in many facets of nature, and typically follows some rather simple guidelines. In this talk we will examine fish, locusts, and humans to find the common rule set that governs schooling, swarming, and traffic jams.

“How Hunting Ghosts is Really About Connecting With The Living” by Heather Dobson, Paranormal Georgia Investigations

Sure, everyone thinks being a ghost hunter is about chasing down those elusive spirits and making them appear, on demand, on camera, for fame and fortune on a reality series. But it’s not really all about that. Mostly, it’s about helping people who are too scared to sleep in their own beds, calming fears and anxieties about our ultimate ends, and possibly even affecting the haunted locations with hauntings of our own. I mean, we know it can’t be about the money or the babes because there is NONE of that. There is a lot of crazy here…More so among the living than the dead!

Bio: Heather is the director of Paranormal Georgia Investigations. She grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, with a father who had a great interest in the paranormal. He told her stories of ghosts, UFOs, the Braxton County monster, and especially of the Mothman, the harbinger of the Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant, WV, 1967. Following this upbringing it was only natural she would develop a keen interest in the paranormal. Heather received her degree in physics from North Georgia College and worked as a circuit board designer, scuba diving instructor, and social media blogger. When not investigating purported hauntings, she scuba dives and plays the hammered dulcimer.

“Molecular Monsters: tracing the biochemical beginnings of Halloween’s brightest stars” by Kristopher Hite, Ph.D.

Teeth lengthened by receding gums glow in the shaded valleys of the Carpathian basin. The genetic milieu of the Visigoths, Huns, Carpians, and Slavic peoples have swirled over centuries as granite crags pushed populations into shallow gene pools. A ghoulish thing of legend emerged from Transylvania and has since soaked literature and pop-culture with a reddish froth. Science and medicine have given us reason not to fear for our necks in a story that is truly stranger than fiction.

Bio: TBA

And featuring live music by Atlanta’s own, Billy Gewin

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