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So picture this: it’s Thanksgiving, and you’re hanging with fam, maybe with some friends in town…your scraping up the last bits of your third helping helping of Tofurkey and kreplach stew…Uncle Teddy is telling same stupid story about the time his late Poostiff (it’s a poodle-mastiff mix) Pepper ruined Thanksgiving by hopping up on the counter and getting his face in all the food…but you can’t stop him from prattling on because you’ve had maybe one too many pumpkin old fashioneds and can’t think of anything better to interject with. WELL FEAR NOT! Nerd Nite ATL is here to help, with three mind-blowingly fascinating talks, chalk full of neat-o info that’ll make you the hit of your Thanksgiving party (and clam up Uncle Teddy, to boot).

It’s getting chilly outside, so take a step out of the cold and into a warm Nerd Nite ATL, Atlanta! This month we’re getting down on a Tuesday, with three great talks and one great music act to keep your spirits high as we shiver into the holiday season:

When: Tuesday, November 19th. Doors @ 7:30pm, Show @ 8:00pm sharp (arrive early!)

WhereManuel’s Tavern, Poncey-Highlands, 602 N Highland Ave NE.

Cost: $5 cover.


“Abstract Graffiti and Crisis in Modernism” by David Stedman, Living Walls Atlanta.

Graffiti comes from the underground, and often has low-brow connotations, but in the development of individual styles there is often a tendency towards increasing abstraction. In this talk, we will take a glance at these subcultural trends and compare them to the shift towards abstraction within modernist art. In combining both “high” and “low” culture, we’ll hopefully gain a new appreciation for both forms of expression and what they might tell us about society.

Bio: David is the Director of Education for LIVING WALLS, an Atlanta-based non-profit that seeks to promote, educate and change perspectives about the public space in our communities via street art. He is responsible for organizing lectures, leading tours, coordinating events with local schools, writing articles, and serving as a community liaison and public speaker. He is interested in street art because of its ability to change perceptions of space and time, as well as its potential as a critical practice.

“The Life and Death of Homemade America” by Kimberly Coburn, Homestead Atlanta

Take a quick tour through human history, tracing the trajectory from hunter-gatherer societies to cubicle-dwelling cityfolk. We’ll explore the evolution of relevant skillsets and their implications on class, culture and sustainability. How have we created a society full of people who can share pictures of their lunch instantly across the world, but couldn’t grow the food to produce it? How reliable are the systems in place that make our lives so magically convenient, and are we happier for all those conveniences? And what’s the deal with preppers, the zombie apocalypse and backyard chicken keeping? Jump down the rabbit hole of “authentic living” with us – we promise it’ll be a fun ride.

Bio: Kimberly is an Atlanta native who has taken immense pleasure in watching the city morph from the culture-deprived convention town of her youth to a thriving hub of all things good, green and delicious. She recently launched The Homestead Atlanta, an urban folk school marrying heritage skills with the sustainability approaches of tomorrow. Whether it’s through blacksmithing, fermentation, or permaculture, Kimberly considers creating with one’s hands the surest way to connect with the land, your community, and a personal sense of abundance and fulfillment in arguably uncertain times.


“It’s Alive! The Return of the Spookshow!” by Prof.Morte’.

Come along with Prof. Morte’ (Shane Morton), Atlanta’s Ghost Host With The Most as he takes you on a fun filled journey through the history of The Spookshow,the worlds oldest (?) and greatest form of entertainment! In over a decade of performing on stages and in old movie theaters across the nation,Prof. Morte’ has gathered up tall tales,short stories and creepy quotations that are sure to scare the YELL out of you! Hear how one man’s obsession became the country’s nightmare! Mwahahahaaaaa!!!

Bio: At the age of 3 Shane Morton saw King Kong (’33) and he has been a monster maker ever since. In over 2 decades as a professional in the horror business he has worked with such greats as Stan Winston studios and Rob Zombie. He has designed and built horror attractions and haunted houses all over the country, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, being his biggest and best. You can see his recent film work in the indie, grindhouse hit, Dear God No! and on television with Adult Swim’s smash hit, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, where he was the Art Director of Hell and supplied special effects and make-ups.

And featuring live music by Atlanta’s own baby-faced dulcet-toned, Cleburne Workmaster

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