Ooh! Oooh! This is the one where the Saved by the Bell crew, after a terrible bus accident during a reunion tour, are turned into cyborgs to fight cancer! Or something like that. It’s that time once again nerds: to come out and hear some cool talks from some cool nerds and drink some cool drinks with cool friends. All the better, this month features a little bit of everything for you tech nerds, TV nerds, and nerds who want to know what the the truth is behind everything we hear about cancer. Not to mention Smoke Ring rules it with great food and drink. We’re ready to have a good time. Feel free to RSVP on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/1456531341249824/) so we know how many to expect. See you there!

What: Nerd Nite ATL No.8
When: Thursday 4/17. Show at 8:00pm, but get there EARLY if you want to get a seat and if you want to eat in peace.
Where: Smoke Ring BBQ, 309 Nelson St. SW
Parking: is abundant. There’s a free garage steps from Smoke Ring, there’s street parking, and there’s a $1.00 parking lot across the street.
Cost: $5 Cover

“Is Grandpa a Cyborg? Brain Machine Interfaces as Health Solutions.” by Melodie Tian.

Have you taken a close look at grandpa lately? Noticed any enhanced senses, robotic reflexes, or mechanical parts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your grandpa might be part cyborg! Join us to learn about how organizations such as DARPA, the Center for Bionic Medicine, and the BrainGate research team are pioneering the development of cybernetics and neurotechnologies that will help transform the lives of many.

Bio: Melodie Tian is a doctoral student in neuroscience at Emory University. She is also a training fellow in the Emory/GAtech computational neuroscience program and her research interests lie in motor control and sensory-motor integration. Melodie likes cooking and jogging when she is not lazy, and she is trying to build a robot in her spare time.

“How Saved by the Bell RUINED MY LIFE” by Rob Haze.

Everybody remember Saved By The Bell with such ironically wistful nostalgia. The hair. The neon. Pants so poofy, but still not big enough to hold all the witty banter. But you probably don’t remember what a selfish and immoral person all those hijinks made you as an adult. Is your life so over? Cheer up and get so excited! Get SO excited! Because this speech will not be be-be-be ba-ba-ba-beat.

Bio: Rob Haze is a comedian out of Atlanta, Georgia. Rob is a lover of all things pop culture and his lifetime goal is to be a talking head on Video Hits One. He is a favorite at the Laughing Skull Lounge and Atlanta Improv. In December Rob had the opportunity to open for Dave Chappelle throughout the southeast. Rob is a frequent guest on the Ryan Cameron morning show on V-103 and has a weekly stand up show at Smith’s Olde Bar every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

“Disease Overload: Resetting What You Think You Know About Cancer.” by Alex Liber.

Cancer sucks. Cancer might suck less if it was less mysterious. News articles constantly claim that this food, and that drug, or this activity cause and cure cancer. We are asked to participate in umpteen cancer awareness events that provide information without context. An overload of scary, contradictory, and unhelpful information about cancer make even the most diligent nerd lose perspective on how cancer affects them and the world around them. This talk asks you to hit the “reset” button on what you think causes and cures cancer and provides tools to help you become more intelligently aware of cancer and what the disease means in your life.

Bio: Alex received his Masters of Public Health degree from Emory University in Health Policy and Health Services Research in 2012 and works as a data analyst for the American Cancer Society. Alex makes a living fighting the global tobacco industry with numbers and he was recently one of “250 leading scientists” (a way too flattering term) to co-author the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 2014 World Cancer Report. When not at work, Alex coaches the Public Forum debate team at Henry W. Grady High School and frequents bar trivia nights with his friends.