Whatupwhatupwhatuuuuuup nerds and nerdettes? It’s time for another Nerd Nite, and we’re bringing the fun this month with some super nerdy talks about dogs and wrestling to go along with the straight poop on all this Google Glass stuff. There’ll be lots of learning, lots of laughing, and perhaps an ambulance…in the event that one of your Nerd Nite hosts has a bit too much to drink and attempts a diving knee drop from up on stage. Read below. You’ll get it. RSVP at HERE so we know how many to expect. As always, $4 420’s and $1 jumb-O smoked wings.


What: Nerd Nite ATL No.9
When: Thursday 5/15. Show at 8:00pm, but get there EARLY if you want to get a seat and if you want to eat in peace.
Where: Smoke Ring BBQ, 309 Nelson St. SW
Parking: is abundant. There’s a free garage steps from Smoke Ring, there’s street parking, and there’s a $1.00 parking lot across the street.
Cost: $5 Cover

“How I Met My Favorite Internet Dog” by Taylor Proctor

Come hear the moving story of how a puppy with a cleft palate, a pooch running for Dog Mayor of San Mateo County, and a wrinkly-necked Chiweenie with an overbite helped Taylor Proctor become one of Atlanta’s leading experts on internet dogs. Learn about the importance of internet dogs to our communities and society at large. Ms. Proctor will even share some of her own tips for growing your own internet dog.

Bio: By day Taylor Proctor is a geologist. By day and by night she looks at pictures of other people’s dogs on the internet.

“Terminator Vision: Augmented Reality Coming Soon to Glasses Near You.” by Scott Driscoll 

A new wave of wearable computers like Google Glass is going to change how we see and interact with our world, and very soon. See demos of Augmented Reality and learn about the technology enabling it. Also, what will social interactions be like if everyone has wearable tech? Will we still ask “Where are you from?” when our headset automatically Google’s every new person we meet?

Bio: Scott Driscoll is an engineer from Georgia Tech, where he studied engineering and music technology. He now writes Augmented Reality software for industrial applications at Sentrinsic, Inc., and explains techie things on his YouTube channel: CuriousInventor.

“Who Watches This Garbage?” by Chuck Porterfield

Professional wrestling is viewed by millions of people each week on television, in arenas, and noisy auditoriums. How did the oldest sport in recorded history become the unusual spectacle that it is today? And what is the real answer to the question “is wrestling fake?”

Bio: Chuck Porterfield is a writer and an independent filmmaker but is best known to wrestling fans as “The Voice of Reason.” His life of geekdom began when he saw a clip on “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” in which make up artists turned Lou Ferrigno into “The Incredible Hulk.”